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Surveys and installations during Covid-19

Take control of your energy bill

Take control of your energy bill

Heating your home typically makes up 60% of your energy bill. Our air source heat pumps can operate up to 4 times more efficiently than your existing boiler, especially if you use oil or LPG to heat your home.

This increase in efficiency could help to save you money on your heating bills, and if that isn’t enough the government will also pay you for every unit of heat the system produces.

Get paid to heat your home

Get paid to heat your home

As part of the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP) you will be paid for the amount of clean heat that your air source heat pump generates. Better still, these payments are guaranteed for 7 years.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint

On average, heating your home is the largest contributor of your household's carbon footprint. Switching to an air source heat pump to heat your home immediately reduces your carbon footprint as instead of using fossil fuels, you are using the electricity grid. In 2019 the grid was over 36% renewable, and this should continue to improve.

Better control and comfort

Better control and comfort

Our selected heat pumps are the culmination of years of research in to what an air source heat pump should be. Simple to install, configure and most importantly use. Once connected to the internet, your air source heat pump system can be controlled via an app giving you complete control in your pocket over your heating and hot water.

Meet Alistair

“I can log in and see exactly how much energy I am using and can see how much we are saving as well”

Alistair had his air source heat pump installed by Igloo in 2019

Your heat pump could pay for itself

A typical Igloo customer* could benefit from the following by installing an air source heat pump:

      Government RHI Payments (over 7 years) £10,999
      Government MMSP Payments (over 7 years) £1,610
      Fuel Savings (over 7 years) £2,918
      Total Benefit (over 7 years) £15,527

      *Above calculations assume a typical Igloo customer's annual heating energy usage of 18,957 kWh, 80% boiler efficiency and fuel price in February 2020. The cost to install starts at £9,900.

      Free virtual
      survey in 45

      Talk to our heating experts

      Before any install, we undertake a free home survey to make sure your home is suitable for an air source heat pump and to understand how you want to configure it. We are MCS qualified and our heating engineers will help you understand everything you need to know before you commit a single penny. If suitable, you will receive a personalised MCS compliant proposal pack.

      • Virtual survey or home visit
      • Virtual surveys take just 45 minutes
      • Home visits take 3 hours
      • Completely free, no commitments
      • Personalised MCS compliant proposal pack ready within 48 hours
      • Fuel saving estimate
      • Carbon saving estimate
      • Potential earnings from government grants

      Surveys during Covid-19

      A configuration that works for your home

      When installing an air source heat pump you can choose to have a standalone system, or combine it with your existing heating system.

      Standalone system
      Standalone system

      “I want to start afresh and get a new heating system”

      Hybrid heating
      Hybrid heating system

      “My boiler is ok, but I want to make my heating system better”

      Don’t worry, our experts can help advise which configuration to choose. We offer a free virtual survey in your home to understand which solution is suitable for your needs. Contact us.

      How to get an air source heat pump


      Get in touch

      Let us know you are interested and one of our experts can help answer any questions you have and check our technology is suitable for you.


      Free home survey

      Our heating engineers will conduct a free home survey to help you learn how much money and carbon you could save by installing an air source heat pump, either standalone or as a hybrid heating system.

      The survey can be done virtually, via a video call, or in person.


      Professional installation

      Our experienced engineers will install your system within 5 days of arriving on site. They'll also keep things nice and tidy while they work, too.


      Government grants

      We will help you apply for both your Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) grant and MMSP grant so you get the maximum benefit from your system.


      Aftercare and support

      Our Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP) monitors the ongoing performance of your heat pump and we offer a 7 year hardware warranty on all installs, as well as a 2 year installation warranty.

      Get in touch

      Have any questions or want to know more? One of our experts can help answer any questions you have.