Hybrid heating

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Earn money while heating your home

Hybrid heating is a combination of your existing boiler with our highly efficient air source heat pump and smart controls. Combined they create a heating system that uses less energy, costs less to run and is better for the environment

Depending on current energy prices, the outside temperature and your home's heat capacity, our intelligent controls decide when to use your heat pump or boiler to ensure your home is heated in the most cost-efficient way.

Personalised savings for your home

Using what we know about your home and your energy consumption, along with some clever analysis, we can estimate just how much you could save.

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Guaranteed Income

The government pay you for the clean, renewable heat produced as part of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). These payments are guaranteed for 7 years.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Oil and gas fired boilers are large emitters of carbon dioxide. By switching to a hybrid system you can reduce the amount of CO2 you produce.

Peace of Mind

Our Meter Monitoring Service Package (MMSP) collects data on the efficiency of your heat pump to ensure it always works as it should.

Reduced Fuel Bills

Works in conjunction with your current boiler to heat your home and reduce your spend on fuel.

Smart Energy Control

Stay in control of your heating via our mobile app to save energy and improve comfort.

Professional Installation

We have professional engineers on hand to get your system up and running.

How much you could earn

A typical Igloo customer could earn the following by installing our hybrid heating system:

Your Fuel Type
Government RHI Payments (over 7 years) £8,148
Government MMSP Payments (over 7 years) £1,610
Fuel Savings (over 7 years) £2,968
Total Benefit (over 7 years) £12,726

Above calculations assume a typical Igloo customer's annual energy usage of 18,957 kWh, 80% boiler efficiency and current fuel prices (subject to change).

Our standard package includes

The heating system
  • Samsung heat pump
  • Professional installation
  • 7 year hardware warranty
Smart controls & monitoring
  • Smart heating controls and mobile app
  • Remote metering and monitoring (MMSP)
Government payments
  • Quarterly RHI payments from the Government
  • Quarterly MMSP payments from the Government
Prices start at £9,500

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